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Mold Abatement Services

The Mold Busters Difference

A higher Standard of Mold Remediation

 Using our two-step patented InstaPURE and EverPURE processes,  Mold Busters resolves even the worst mold problems, often times without the need for costly demolition or tear-out.

InstaPURE is a powerful sterilant. We will fill every room in your home with a dry fog that will get into every nook and cranny. When it comes in contact with mold it will kill the mold by breaking down the outer membrane.

Our second powerful process is EverPURE. Where InstaPURE cleans and disinfects the air and surfaces, the EverPURE process creates a powerful invisible barrier on every surface of your home. When mold comes into contact with the barrier it is immediately killed. This keeps your home clean and safe for months after the initial treatment.

Green & Non-toxic Mold Removal

Our mold removal process is completely safe for the environment and is non-toxic to humans and pets.

Same Day Mold Remediation

Most of our work in homes and offices can be done within a few hours. Low downtime allows you to re-occupy quickly.

Demoltion Free Mold Removal

Our patented dry-fog technology reduces and in some cases eliminates the need to tear out walls or cut into drywall.

Customer Reviews

Customers Sharing
Their Love

I was really impressed with his service, he explained everything in detail to me, he didn’t rush though he was very nice and professional. I would recommend Mold Buster to anyone who think they may have mold.
Moreen Singleton
Mold Busters respond quickly and they don't do unnecessary work that would raise costs.
Yolanda McMurtre
Eli did a mold test on one of our rental properties. He was very knowledgeable, experienced, helpful, and patient. He's the best there is. He explained his testing process and the different services his company offers. He called while he was there to ask questions about the mold concerns. A few days later he called us with the results. He explained every number on the test results, and gave us advice on what our options were. Eli didn't just give us the mold test results, he gave us peace of mind, hope, and confidence that this problem can be resolved.
Scott Icahn

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