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Mold Tests and Air quality tests

Mold Busters offers certified air quality tests and mold swab tests for homes and businesses around Fort Worth, TX. Within 5-7 business days, you will receive a report that explains the types and quantity of mold within your home.

Testing for Renters

A professional mold test can be crucial for the health of a renter who can't afford the remediation. The data can help your landlord take action or help you break your lease for health reasons. Whoever pays for the test owns the report.

Testing for Homeowners

If a visual inspection and moisture test confirms there is mold. You may not need an air quality or mold test. However for insurance claims and or to pinpoint a health concern, the additional cost for testing may be a must.

Testing for Businesses

For Businesses, occupant health, and avoiding long downtime is a must. Getting your insurance to pay as well is a must. Air quality tests are always recommended for any business that suspects mold.

Find out what Mold Removal Costs for Your Situation

Air Testing

The air sample process is relatively quick and simple. Our MoldBusters Technician will come in to take the sample by pumping the air in your home through a cassette filter over a five-minute period. In those 5 minutes, 75 liters of air is pushed through the cassette, collecting a clear snapshot of the air quality in your home. That sample is expedited to an independent laboratory that analyzes the filter.

Laboratory Analysis
& Reporting

We will email you the lab results and call you to give our recommendation based on the data.  There will always be mold in the air, but it is the types of mold that thrive in homes but not so much outdoors that we look for, as well the spore count per m^3.  

We will also answer any questions you may have as it relates to insurance claims or health concerns that you have been experiencing. 

The place to start is to invite a certified mold technician over for  moisture detection and a visual inspection.   It costs you nothing. Invite a Professional Inspector over today.

air Quality Test Customer Review

Eli did a mold test on one of our rental properties. He was very knowledgeable, experienced, helpful, and patient. I wouldn’t consider hiring anyone else.

After we repaired all of the leaks and cleaned the AC units, ducts, and vents. We scheduled Eli. He explained his testing process and the different services his company offers. He called while he was there to ask questions about the mold concerns. A few days later he called us with the results. He explained every number on the test results, and gave us advice on what our options were. This has been a very stressful situation for us. Eli didn’t just give us the mold test results, he gave us peace of mind, hope, and confidence that this problem can be resolved.

Scott R. - Yelp

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