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  • Is mold in the house dangerous?
    Yes, it is. As mold grows it releases toxic spores through the house. They can get into the vents and be pumped through the entire house. These spores are then breathed in by the occupants and can cause serious medical problems.
  • Is mold harmful to breathe?
    There are many common particles in the air that can be harmful to breathe. Mold definitely makes the list! The type of mold, the quantity of it in the home, as well as the individual’s tolerances will all factor into the actual effects the mold has. Mold is often not visible in the home and can be the source of mysterious illnesses.
  • What effects does mold have on people?

    Again, depending on the type of mold spore growing, illnesses can be allergies or sinus infections, or even Alzheimer’s Disease and MS! The illnesses associated with mold can be serious. If you are feeling sick and cannot figure out why getting your home tested for mold could help.

    Common symptoms caused by mold inlcude:

    • Runny nose

    • Irritation of eyes

    • a dry cough

    • sinusitis

    • wheezing or shortness of breath

    • skin rashes

    • sore throat

    • exacerbation or worsening of preexisting lung problems (eg. Asthma)

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  • Can I use Bleach to get rid of mold?
    This is a common misconception when it comes to mold treatment. But the bleach doesn’t kill the mold. They lose their color and appear to be gone, however, the spores will not die. They continue to grow and spread, often getting worse because the bleach can add moisture and humidity.
  • What causes mold to grow?

    Mold spores are constantly flowing throughout the open air. However, in open spaces, they are combined with so much fresh air that they hardly ever have an effect on the body. Sometimes, especially in spring, the outdoor count gets too high and create outdoor allergies. No looking indoors, if moisture gets onto a porous surface inside a building and a few mold spores find their way to that spot, they can attach and start growing at a rapid rate. Once they start spreading it can already take more than a typical household cleaner to eliminate the problem.

  • What types of mold are harmful other than black mold?

    All types of mold can cause health issues if there are enough of them. Black mold is well known because it is common and even at low concentrations can cause health issues.

  • How do I get rid of mold?

    There are over-the-counter products like “Kilz” and others that will slow, or even stop mold growth. However, this will not always eliminate the problem and can still cause serious health effects. To ensure your home is completely mold-free call Mold Busters or another certified mold remediation company to take care of the issue for you.

  • What is Dry Fog
    If you have walked through fog when clouds touch the ground, then you know what dry fog looks and feels like. While it is made up of moisture, you can’t feel the moisture more than you could on a humid day. This is why we use the term “dry.” There are foggers used on Halloween to create ambiance, there are foggers that kill insects, and there are foggers like Mold Buster’s fog used to kill microorganisms. What sets Mold Busters Dry Fog apart is: 1) our two-step process where we dry-fog the entire volume of a building twice, and 2) the patented machine we use that creates a smaller dry fog particle, allowing our sterilant and antimicrobial to fit in smaller spaces than competing solutions.
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